Eric Elnes

Eric Elnes

Canon: Mining for the Word

Eric is the pastor of Countryside Community Church in Omaha, Nebraska. Prior to that, he pastored a large UCC church in Phoenix. As a pastor, he pioneered a combination of preaching, worship, and jazz music that can be seen on his online show, Darkwood Brew.

He led a walk from Phoenix to Washington, D.C., to promote awareness of progressive Christian faith, and deliver the Phoenix Affirmations to political leaders. His journey is chronicled in his book, Asphalt Jesus: Finding a New Christian Faith on the Highways of America.

Five fast facts

  1. Lives with his wife in Omaha
  2. They have two college-age daughters, a dog, and a cat
  3. Knows six languages, including biblical Hebrew and Aramaic
  4. Was lead author of the Phoenix Affirmations
  5. Has a PhD in Old Testament from Princeton Theological Seminary


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