Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans

Testaments: One Story, Two Parts

Rachel is considered the preeminent Christian blogger in the world. Her blog, which has thousands of readers every day, is challenging and comforting—covering topics from the role of women in the church to poetry.

She also speaks and writes books. Her first book, Evolving in Monkeytown, is about growing up in the city made famous by the Scopes Trial. Her second, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, is a bestseller about her attempt to live out all of the biblical commandments directed at women for one year.

Five fast facts

  1. Lives with her husband in Dayton, Tennessee
  2. Loves Alabama football
  3. Dressed up as an author for career day in third grade
  4. Was named one of Christianity Today’s “50 Women to Watch”
  5. Has been featured on NPR, Slate, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and Oprah.com


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