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Will Willimon

Will Willimon

Interpretation: Scripture Reads Us

Will is the professor of the practice of Christian ministry at Duke Divinity School. He is a former dean of the chapel at Duke and is regarded as one of America’s foremost preachers. He’s also a retired bishop in the United Methodist Church, formerly serving North Alabama.

He has written many books on preaching and the church, and he recently penned a novel, Incorporation, about a pastor in a small, struggling mainline congregation. His preaching is known for being humorous, insightful, and often having an unexpected hook.

Five fast facts

  1. Lives with his wife in North Carolina
  2. Has two grown children
  3. Was named one of the 12 Best Preachers in the World by Baylor University
  4. He doesn’t tweet, but someone runs a Twitter account with wise statements Will has said
  5. Has degrees from Wofford College, Yale Divinity School, and Emory University


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