Spark Spark

Real Bibles for
real kids

Bibles designed with kids in mind. Age 2 to grade 6.

Kids dive into the Bible—at their level

With the award-winning Spark Story Bible, younger kids explore
150 key Bible stories. Older kids (grades 3–6) use the Spark Bible NRSV
to dig deep into biblical texts. Take a look.

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◀  Turn pages here!
Story Bible
Age 2–Grade 2
Spark Bible
Grades 3–6

Why choose Spark Bibles?

Active imaginations

The Spark Story Bible invites kids into the story through colorful artwork and vivid storytelling.

Grow in faith

Spark Bibles start a journey through God's Word that can last a lifetime.

Create connections

Kids connect with the Bible as they encounter factoids, book intros, stickers, maps, and more.

Create a spark

Spark Bibles are the foundation of every Spark classroom, lectionary, and rotation Sunday school lesson.

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