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Ministry and Curriculum for Teens
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Hands-on investigative youth curriculum.

Innovative curriculum that invites students to ask their toughest questions and work together to find answers.

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Bible overview for grades 5–6

Engage preteens in God’s big story through videos, Bible exploration, and hands-on projects.

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Creative faith formation

Use short videos and the "Anti-Workbook" to get youth cutting, pasting, questioning, and laughing as they wrestle with theological concepts from the historic Christian faith.

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The art of Bible storytelling

Invite teens to participate in creative storytelling, imaginative listening, careful observation, and lively dialogue about the Bible and their lives.

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Youth and leaders love sparkhouse resources

Quick and ongoing engagement

Teens groan less and laugh more with resources and faith formation they can actually relate to.

Real conversations for real teens

Address the tough questions, encourage opinion sharing, and use resources that don't try too hard to be cool.

Easy to teach

With easy-to-use resources, leaders don't need a theology degree, just a passion for inspiring faith formation in youth.

Creative approach

sparkhouse resources encourage participants to discuss, sketch, create,
and share. It’s anything but boring.

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