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Echo the story

Deepen your youth ministry

Experience the biblical narrative through storytelling, creative reflection, and dialogue.

Echo the story

Two ways to help your youth find themselves in a greater story

From creation to the formation of the church, students enter into each story imaginatively—making observations, drawing, writing, and participating in group dialogue.

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In the new 36-session curriculum, youth will delve even deeper into the biblical narrative. From creation to Revelation, youth participants will find meaning and identity in the stories of the Bible.

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Shaped by the Story

Discover the art of Bible storying in Michael Novelli’s book.

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Shaped by the Story
Michael Novelli

About Michael Novelli

For more than two decades Michael's passion has been to explore the intersection of spiritual formation and experiential learning. This drive continues to fuel his work as a content designer, church youth leader, and community advocate. Michael has an MEd in Integrated Learning and serves as a senior curriculum developer for sparkhouse, creating learner-centered resources and experiences for children, youth, and adults. Michael, his wife Michele, and children, Angelo and Abrielle live in Elgin, Illinois.

Why choose Echo the Story?

Options to fit your context

sparkhouse offers youth groups two great Echo the Story overviews, a 12-session overview from creation to the church and a 36-session journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Student-centered learning

Youth discover meaning and fresh insights from the biblical narrative through observation and dialogue. This approach sparks curiosity and allows connections and applications to surface naturally.

Fosters creativity and personal expression

To connect with different learning styles, each student chooses between the drawing and creative writing activities provided in the Sketch Journal. These activities inspire creativity, provide ownership, and prompt students to re-enter the story.

Transformative experience

Students see the Bible and God in new and different ways through the storying process.

What people say about Echo the Story

The stories made me realize God is the author of my life and has a story that I’m excited to discover.


I was impressed with the thought and creativity behind Echo the Story. It engages my teenagers biblically and theologically in a unique approach that understands how they learn and how they long to encounter the God of scripture.

Jeff Darnauer
Sterling First United Methodist Church

The Bible’s not distant anymore. I’m part of what God’s doing. I’m a kingdom participant and builder!


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