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re:form your approach to youth ministry

Faith-formation series with the one-two punch of real laughs and real substance.

Three ways to encounter, engage, and respond

Foundational theology

Empower youth to explore their faith and ask the questions they actually wonder about the Bible, creed, disciples, Jesus, other beliefs, and hot topics.

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Youth Bible study

Uncover the similarities we share with the unpolished and unexpected faith ancestors from the Old and New Testaments.

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Denomination-specific theology

Discover the backstory, key beliefs, and practices for specific Christian faith traditions, why they matter, and how they are relevant today.

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re:form Traditions

Why choose re:form?

Active learners excel

re:form engages the brain and the body with exciting and captivating activities. The curriculum empowers youth to truly explore their faith from many different angles.

Trusts young theologians

Each curriculum option provides perspectives and raises questions—that don’t necessarily have one right answer. Youth are trusted to think critically about the Christian faith in each re:form session.

Flexibility to make it yours

With three offerings in the series, re:form can easily configure to fit the needs of your youth ministry programs. Curriculum options can be used together, or on their own.

Teachers become facilitators

Leaders don’t have to know all the answers. re:form encourages everyone—
including the teacher—to get involved. The easy-to-use Leader Guides make session preparation a snap.

What people say about re:form

re:form Ancestors helps us to tell the story of our faith with humor and honesty, helping us to honor both the intelligence of our youth and the ancestors of our faith.

Jeni Grangaard
Glyndon Lutheran Church
Glyndon, MN

I think this curriculum will really help “reform” our paradigms, not only of the Bible and Christianity, but of life. I wish all youth, and actually a lot of adults, could experience re:form.

Seth Schroerlucke
First United Methodist Church
Madison, WI

You hit one out of the park with this curriculum! The Anti-Workbooks are amazing. My youth LOVED confirmation class last year, and are still coming to church largely because of the videos that presented faith questions in thoughtful, fun, and creative ways.

Rev. Wanda Schwandt
Zion's Red Church
Orwigsburg, PA

sparkhouse totally gets youth. Thanks for making such a great curriculum that is both on their level and challenging. It’s rowdy, and messy, and loud, and they are totally into it.

Sarah C.
St. Mark United Methodist Church
Atlanta, GA

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