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re:form re:form Ancestors

Unlikely people called by God to do amazing things

Encourage youth to see the similarities between themselves and their faith ancestors.

Scope and Sequence

re:form Ancestors is a youth Bible study that helps older students get to know personalities from the Old and New Testaments. See which faith ancestors are included in each unit below, or download the full Scope and Sequence (98.1KB, PDF).

Adam & Eve: The lovable screw-ups
Genesis 1:1-26;
Noah: The obedient eccentric
Genesis 6:5-8, 11-22; 7:11—8:4; 8:20—9:1, 8-17,
20‐23, 28
Abraham & Sarah: The ordinary patriarchs
Genesis 12; 16–17;
Jacob: The conniving survivor
Genesis 25:24-34;
27; 29–30;
Joseph: The virtuous dreamer
Genesis 37; 39–45
Moses: The frustrated leader
Exodus 2–3; 32;
Numbers 20:1-13;
Deuteronomy 34:1-12
Rahab: The faithful opportunist
Joshua 2:1-21;
Deborah: The exasperated matriarch
Judges 4:6-9,
12-22; 5
Samson: The raging prima donna
Judges 14; 15:4-5,
14-17; 16:4-22, 28-31
Ruth: The tenacious outsider
Ruth 1–4;
Matthew 1:1-5
David: The flawed and beloved king
1 Samuel 16; 18; 20;
2 Samuel 2; 5; 11;
1 Kings 2:1-9
Solomon: The ambitious son
1 Kings 1; 3; 6; 11;
Song of Solomon
Elijah: The get-r-done prophet
1 Kings 17:1-16; 18:20-40;
2 Kings 2:1-12
Daniel: The invincible visionary
Daniel 1–2; 4–8
Jonah: The passive-aggressive coot
Jonah 1–4

How it works

Every re:form Ancestors session follows a three-part sequence: Encounter, Engage, and Respond. In each session, youth gather to watch a hilarious animated video, tap their creativity for activities that involve doodling, connecting, and journaling, and then share thoughts and ideas about the session’s ancestor. Session resources are available for the Old Testament and the
New Testament, or a la carte.

Why choose re:form Ancestors?

Dry humor and (almost) grown-up sensibilities

re:form Ancestors isn’t just about characters that lived a really long time ago. The curriculum encourages self-reflection that helps youth to identify with the heroes, villains, and everyday folks that God selected to do extraordinary things.

A workbook like no other

The hands-on re:form Ancestors Anti-Workbooks (Old Testament and New Testament) encourage active learning at every turn. There’s space among the vivid illustrations to explore, journal, doodle, paste photos, and build faith.

Videos speak to teens

The re:form Ancestors DVDs (Old Testament and New Testament) each include 15 animated short videos that begin each session with a blend of hilarity and substance to introduce faith ancestors.

Journey through the Bible

With ancestors from Adam and Eve to Jonah and John the Baptist to Lydia, youth will encounter important individuals in the Old and New Testaments.

Flexibility to make it yours

Pairing re:form Ancestors with re:form and/or re:form Traditions deepens understanding and is just one example of how you can powerfully configure the re:form curriculum to fit the needs of your youth ministry program.

Teachers become facilitators

Leaders don’t have to know all the answers. re:form Ancestors encourages everyone—including the leader—to participate and have a point of view. The easy-to-use Leader Guides make session preparation a snap.

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